Butterfilm is a young Cologne-based film and VFX production company. Our company creates fictional and documentary content with strong voices and appealing look & feel for the big and small screen. 

We are supporting iconic, legendary stories told from fresh perspectives. For each of our projects we plan individual production, marketing and distribution strategies that adapt to the constant change in our digital environment. Butterfilm was founded in 2015 with a scholarship from the Mediengründerzentrum NRW and since 2016 has been owned and run by VFX-artist Til Strobl and producer Judith Weiler .

Our mission is to unite new technologies, especially digital visual effects (VFX), with traditional film production, to find the most efficient way to make a film that transports its vision directly to its audience. We make this happen in a thorough development and production process, in which we integrate the new possibilities that our fast changing digital environment provides. We see (digital) change as an opportunity and we believe that true progress comes only by sharing and the sustainable use of resources and knowledge. That is why we offer our know how and technology also as co-producers and service providers.